Prophetic Whispers


In the air: Powatan Powatan or Powhatan is another people group who inherited the land prior to the formation of the United States. Praying intercessory repentance for the indigenous and settlers of the North American continent.

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The Pale Horse

As I meditate on the word I often hear prophetic whispers. Recently, Astragalus, Flu, and Pale Horse have been in the air. We are praying Monday through Friday at 6:00 am on, I hope you will join us for a time of fellowship in the word and intercession.

Prophetic Whispers


While I was asleep I heard whispers of “Arapaho” and “1903”. This is not a part of my normal vocabulary, so I am bringing it to the Lord in prayer. Lord release your will concerning Arapaho. Lord release your will concerning 1903. Learning to hear the Spirit has been made into so spooky cooky prospect.… Read More Arapaho

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Prevailing over Procrastination

Procrastination is a terrible habit. It’s root is in fear and it’s fruits are seedless. When you are subject to procrastination cannot produce genuine lasting peaceable fruit. Overcoming procrastination is primarily a matter of focus. Most procrastinators find any number of things to distract them from accomplishing the needed task. Simplicity the key. Only allow… Read More Prevailing over Procrastination


Remove Them.

As we are preparing the soil for planting, one of many tasks that must be accomplished is removing the stones and weeds from among the soil. As the body of Christ, the Lord’s husbandry, we are charged with maintaining the soil. We must discern between dirt clods that need to be broken up or rocks… Read More Remove Them.


No Thugs here!

I dreamed I was walking down a dark path…(yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death) Along the way there were clothes on the ground and I started picking them up…(you know how us moms do when kids leave things laying around) I came to a large front load washing machine… Read More No Thugs here!


All things!

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to¬†his¬†purpose. If you love the Lord, then you have a distinct place and purpose in God’s Kingdom that only you can fulfill. It is a greater work that only you can… Read More All things!


Psalm 83

***REPOST FROM LIFT UP PRAYER*** Praise the Lord Intercessors! As we continue studying and preparing for spiritual warfare the Lord let me know that the battle has already begun. I woke with Psalm 83 in my thoughts. I could not recall what this Psalm was about, but knowing that many of the Psalms are warfare… Read More Psalm 83